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The Benefits of Silica Water

Silica rejuvenates the skin

Silica rejuvenates the skin and makes wrinkles around the eyes disappear.  It is a mineral that is used as a vitamin supplement for various skin disorders and other diseases. The saying that beauty is only skin deep is truer than you think. Normally apples, beet, cucumber, carrots, almonds, soy, and salad greens contain silica. It strengthens the bones, nails and skin. The product ensures a healthy body and also prevents diseases like tuberculosis, skin disorders and heart problems. It acts as a detoxifier for many health issues for example bacteria, viruses, moulds, parasites etc.

A person suffering from heart problems can use it to aid with the blood flow through the arteries. The supplement restores the flexibility and ensures that plaque does not build up. Scaring can be reduced, back pain can be relieved, and it can even help with osteoporosis. It aids the bone structure as well as the elasticity of the skin. Loss of hair and boldness can be prevented. Hair contains plus minus 80 to 90 micrograms of Silica; therefore, by supplementing a new follicles are replaced. Silica maintains teeth and ensures health at all times. It is not only beneficial on its own because it helps the body absorb any Vitamin D, calcium and glucosamine supplement.

Not many people are aware how effective the product really is but once a person sees the results there is no turning back. Hair will shine, teeth will sparkle, and a new younger more energetic person will appear. There is no immediate change and it takes a while before any improvement shows.  Drinking the mineral on a daily basis helps with an individual’s life expectancy. Mixing it with water and swallowing it is no problem due to the fact that it is odorless as well as tasteless. Many beauty and plastic surgery products contain silicon.  Start by reducing the intake of meat and poultry. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

The body contains more silica than iron.  Natural products are an alternative solution.

This is such an amazing supplement from aiding the respiratory system, alleviating menopause for men and women, and reducing inflammation in all areas of the human body that one can not ignore the true value can not be overlooked. In scientific terms it is known as silicon dioxide abbreviated as (SiO2) or in plain terms silicon combined with oxygen. Get rid of the unnecessary toxins; increase the function of your organs, start living the life. More importantly one small change will add meaning to your life forever. Do not delay the process. Before you know your appearance will give a off a radiance that everyone is seeking. Remember beauty is only skin deep.

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